Education Policy for DHC New Life Centre

The Disabled and Helpless Children's New Life Centre Nepal is a non-profit and non-government organisation established in 2010, with the mission and vision to provide a caring home environment with education, healthcare and the development of the life skills necessary to assist the children to become self reliant and independent adults.

We strongly believe that children, who have a disability or are disadvantaged, should be given the opportunities to develop their abilities and integrate into mainstream society, including attending good quality mainstream schools. This is the primary goal of our organisation

DHC New Life Centre Nepal has 3 steps in their educational responsibility to the children. These steps are:

  1. First step - up to 10 class

    When children come in our Centre we provide residential facilities with health and education up to 10 class (School Leaving Certificate [S.L.C]). At this time all education expenses are paid for through DHC New Life. We do not have individual sponsorship up to this level of schooling as we believe that all children deserve to have as good an education as possible up to this stage and out policy is to fund all children equally, so that no child is left out of the education funding process.

    Education of the children up to S.L.C. is a major expense for DHC New Life (approximately US$5100 per year) and we rely heavily on donations from overseas to meet these expenses, so any donation you can make will be gratefully received. Donations can be made directly into our Do nations Account:

    Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited
    Address: Chabahil Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Account holder: Disabled and Helpless Children New Life Centre  Nepal
    Account Number: 02304710280017
    Swift Code: HIMANPKA
    Bank website:

  2. Second step - up to 12 class (Plus 2)

    This is an extra 2 years of schooling (the equivalent of years 11 and 12). While children can leave school after the SLC, the more education the children have ,the better their chances are of getting employment. This is particularly important for children who have a disability as this often makes it even harder for them to get employment than those without a disability and so, wherever possible, we do try to have the children do the” Plus 2” as it is called in Nepal.

    This is also a time for learning the necessary life skills to become increasingly independent. Part of this process if to have the students live outside the organisation. Most of the students live in a rented room near their school pr in some cases with relatives if they have any in Kathmandu, but they still maintain strong connections with DHC New Life.

    If the students have family we ask them to contribute in some way if possible to the student’s living and education expenses. If the students don’t have any family then DHC New Life covers all expenses.

    During this time, as well as their formal schooling, they do skills training such as computing, sewing, cottage crafts etc as a step towards getting a job or starting their own business.

    Some students who are not academically strong, do not do "Plus 2", but may go directly into vocational training for such things as health work or office work and again we endeavour to help these students to complete this training.

  3. Maintaining Sentimental (Extended Family) relationships with the children once they have left DHC New Life

    Once students have completed their studies and/or have jobs we maintain a relationship with them that is not financial but rather “sentimental” in that they are encouraged to return to DHC New Life to visit and to come and share festival times with us.