Welcome to DHC New Life Centre Nepal

It is with a sadness that we are writing to tell you on 30 June 2020 of changes to the DHC Care House that we are having to make as a result of government advice to Care Houses in Nepal. Full details are on our news page.

The New Life Centre Family
The New Life Centre Family

The Disabled and Helpless Children's New Life Centre Nepal is a non-profit and non-government organisation established in 2010, with the mission and vision to provide a caring home environment with education, healthcare and the development of the lifeskills necessary to assist children who are disabled and/or without any means of support (helpless in Nepali terms) to become self reliant and independent adults.

The organisation is open to children with physical disabilities, and those children from situations of severe poverty, whose families are either unable to provide the basics of food and clothing, or have deserted their children.

With education as a high priority, the children are enrolled at East-Pole Higher Secondary School. We see it as important for the children to attend a high achieving school where those children who are disadvantaged or have a disability can study and socialise with other students from a wide cross section of Nepali society. This not only provides the best available opportunities for the children, but also assists in changing attitudes of this society towards those who have a disability or are disadvantaged.

We strongly believe that children who have a disability or are disadvantaged, should be given the opportunities to develop their abilities and integrate into mainstream society. This is one of the goals of our organisation.

Group photo with Amrit & Sue
Group photo with Amrit & Sue

And to finish on a positive note* we thought you might like to know what some of the young people who have "grown up" with us at the Disabled and Helpless Children's New Life Centre Nepal have been doing in 2020:
  • Rebekah went on to become a nurse in Nepal and is now in Australia on a scholarship doing her Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bharat has represented Nepal in International Wheelchair basketball and has become a very visible, vocal and wonderfully strong advocate for people with disabilities in Nepal
  • Manoj Subedi, thanks to a sponsor in Australia, is studying medicine in Nepal
  • Manoj Khartri, thanks to a wonderful long term sponsor in NZ, has a Degree in Public Health and after doing some work in villages is now studying for his Masters in Public Health in America
  • Ajaya, Dharmaraj and Soma have become a teachers
  • Shanta, after studying management at college, has gone on to open a small business in her home village
  • Samjhana has completed a Bachelor in Social Work
  • Suraj is currently studying a Bachelor in Management

These are just a few of our young people – and the others have also gone on to live happy and fulfilling lives that for many of them are about "giving back" because as a number of the young people said to us "we have received so much and we want to give back by helping others in our country". So on their behalf, a huge thank you – as it is because of you that they were able to receive the early education and health care that has allowed them to live such positive lives and prevented them from sliding into the poverty that is endemic in Nepal, especially for people who have a disability. Thank you!!